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"I asked her father for permission before I did it…," he said.

"It was like 'Meet the Parents' in real life, because Christine’s father is an intimidating guy who owns a security company; we’re good friends now, but at the time I was in the basement rec room saying, ‘I really would like to marry your daughter...'"Why the basement?

Seriously, he whined that the takes were taking too long to set up. When he wasn’t obsessing over his looks, he was throwing temper tantrums and screaming at underlings.

He tantrummed (sic) that the crew members weren't moving fast enough. The crew referred to him as a ‘little focker’ because of his outrageous conduct … he flipped out on a female assistant director for some perceived mistake and then screamed at the top of his lungs, ‘I never want to work with this woman again! He refused to come back until the poor woman was gone.

We kindly ask that the media respect our privacy at this time."The "Zoolander" director and the "Brady Bunch Movie" actress met in L. in 1999, while he was developing a pilot in which she was going to star.

They started dating that April and by November were engaged. Stiller, 51, who proposed to Taylor while he was doing "Meet the Parents," told Parade in 2013 that art imitated life when he was about to pop the question.

I get that directing and starring in a movie at the same time is a big responsibility, but OH MY GOD all he did was whine. And throw temper tantrums that made me embarrassed as a fellow human being. Here he was, bundled up in a huge coat while all of the people in the shot shivered with NO coats, drinking coffee and bullying crew members as his very smiley and very blonde wife brought him Starbucks."“Ben alienated most of the cast and crew on the film ‘Little Fockers’ with his vain and self-absorbed behavior.Former Editorial Director of Paper Magazine, Mickey Boardman, named Stiller as one of the hardest actors to work with. Every month a three day cleanse consisting of some watered down pre-mix and nothing else.In an interview with Buzzfeed, Mickey Boardman dished on some of the celebrities that were not fun to work with; Ben Stiller being one of them! We were supposed to shoot him on a Thursday, his team called late Wednesday night saying they couldn't do it and they'd let us know about rescheduling. Dairy is out the question, bread hasn’t been seen in a year, diuretics of course, and if the household staff make the mistake of bringing in forbidden foods without their permission – like on their own lunch hours, how unforgiveable (sic) – well look the f-ck out.Stiller and actress Christine Taylor released a joint statement Friday, May 26, 2017, announcing their breakup.They were married in May 2000 and have two children, who they said will remain their priority.

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We're very, very happy together."All marriages are difficult, but when you add in ego and fame, it becomes that much harder.

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