Dating websites for gay men and ftm

I say that I am bi but I believe it's more than that. Still I want females, but I feel like I am a male in a female's body.

Despite what he says about being sickened by a gay encounter, he probably still fantasizes about other men, and it's likely that at some point he will try hooking up with a guy again - just to see if it still makes him sick. I'm 21 and every once in a while I'll jack off to a gay fantasy.

I like it, she likes it, and we both get extremely turned on by these fantasies that we act out in fantasyland, although it has never happened in reality. But surprisingly, I could suck a guy's cock, and sometimes dream of it. There's something that's always bothered me though: I was once deeply in love with a girl.

I've even sucked on my girlfriend's dildo when she was unaware and I became extremely turned on. I never had any sexual fantasies about her, but nonetheless I wanted to be with her as more than just friends.

I suppose that's what I have in mind because I've started bringing Pjur along with me to the steam room. James, New York James, I think you're probably bi, but now that you've discovered sex with men, it's like having a new toy that you can't stop playing with, literally.

You may just be going through a phase and will find that your enthusiasm wanes when the novelty of steam room hand jobs wears off, and then you'll get into women again.

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